Use It or Lose It!

Enhanced Learning Credits (ELC) is an individual award to assist in the personal development of eligible Military Service Personnel (SP) and Service Leavers (SL).

The aims of the ELC scheme are to:

  1. Provide funding support to SP who wish to enhance their educational, academic, professional or vocational achievements by pursuing learning (Level 3 to 8) and
  2. Enhance the reputation of the MOD, thereby encouraging the recruitment and retention of high quality SP.

We here at Ritchies Training Centre Ltd are registered as a preferred supplier to the Career Transition Partnership providing training for SP and SL.  Within this we are a registered company that conforms to the rules of ELC and provide Level 3 courses.

For further information on training courses, please contact our staff.

Any questions on ELC and Resettlement then please contact your immediate HR Staff