Forces Resettlement

Forces Resettlement

Forces Resettlement


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Your Career Outside the Forces

Forces Resettlement Training

Are you planning to leave the Armed Services?

Ritchies provide the qualifications and skills required for you to make a successful move into civilian life.

A growing number of employers in the Construction, Warehousing and the Road Transport Industry require drivers and operators to be fully certified in all aspects of their job.

Over the years, we are proud to have helped hundreds of your ex-colleagues make a successful move into the workplace.

We’re the leading training organization of our type operating today and our reputation for reliability and quality of instruction is the result of over 25 years experience.

Classroom work is kept to a minimum. We believe it is more important to be out in the vehicle driving and learning on the road than sitting in a classroom.

The next step

You should discuss your resettlement details with the specialist advisors provided by your unit.

Your unit should be able to give you lots of information on how to go about this, and there are many online sources for you to browse.  A selection of links is provided at the bottom of this page, or why not simply call us on 0141 557 2212 for an initial discussion, or email us any questions and we’ll call you back?