Industrial Fork Lift Truck Training

Here at Ritchies Training we frequently receive enquiries from people looking to start work as a forklift driver and who are unsure of the legal requirement to be certified. Such questions are a direct result of the fact that there is no formal forklift driving licence in the UK unlike a Category B licence to drive a car or Category C licence to drive a Heavy Goods Vehicle, both of which we provide here at our purpose built centre.

In our purpose built hangar we offer 3 types of Forklift Truck Training accredited by Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register (ITSSAR).  These are broken down into three categories which are:

  • Five-Day Course – The five-day course is also known as the full course. This is the one you will want if you have absolutely no formal training or hands-on experience with forklifts. You will spend five days at our training facility learning everything you need to know to pass the certification exam and go on to work safely and productively.
  • Three-Day Course – We offer a three-day mini course for forklift drivers who have on-the-job experience but have never been through formal training or certification. This course is shorter because most drivers that enrol only need a minimal amount of training to prepare for the certification exam.
  • One-Day Course – Finally, we offer a one-day refresher course aimed at experienced drivers who have already been trained and certified. Why do we offer it? Because even veteran drivers can benefit greatly from refresher training. This training can also be used for professional development purposes by employers.

We also offer in-house training with one of our fully qualified FLT Instructors for those companies who require training on their own premises. For more information on these courses please contact us on the contact information provided on our home page.