Steps to Qualification

Steps to Becoming Qualified

Before training on any LGV or PCV you must first apply for the appropriate provisional licence.
The minimum age for training is now 18 for LGV and PCV.


All necessary arrangements including medical appointments and completion of application forms to enable you to obtain your provisional licence can be handled by our administrative staff.

Medicals can be completed with your own doctor or at Ritchie’s with our own company Doctor (Thursday mornings £70.00) appointments must be booked in advance.

Send the completed forms and your current driving licence to: DVLA, Swansea, SA99 1BR.
There is no longer a fee for your provisional licence. When your driving licence is returned it will show the provisional entitlement. You are now ready to take the Driving Theory Test.

Theory Tests

The theory test requires you to have specific knowledge regarding the category vehicle being tested, as well as questions that apply to all road users.

Module 1:   Multiple Choice Hazard Perception

Tests are sat at your local theory test centre, thee fees are payable to the
DSA. Call 0300 200 1122 or book on line.

Module 2:   Case Study

This module is computer based and uses realistic scenarios a driver may encounter
in their driving day. You can book this on the same day as your your module 1 test.

Practical Training

Our courses are tailored to suit the individual wishing to enhance their career and carried out in our modern fleet of vehicles.
Training is conducted on a ratio of two trainees to one instructor. This is recognised by the industry as the best way to train and gain your licence.
Courses run for five days with a test on the fifth day, however longer courses can be adapted to suit your ability.

Module 3:   Practical On Road Test

 One of our qualified instructors will prepare you for your test which you undertake on your last day of practical training. (Module 3 test fee £115.00 which is Included in course price)

Module 4:   Practical Off Road Test

 Consisting: walking around the vehicle answering questions relating to vehicle knowledge and safety. Questions are taken from the driver CPC syllabus. (Test can be completed before or after practical on road test).

(Midweek Test Fee)
Hire of Vehicle and Instructor midweek (Test fees Included)
Additional Module 4 Training
£30.00 (Per hour)


Drivers and digital tachographs


If you drive a commercial bus, coach, lorry or van, you need an approved tachograph to monitor activities covered by EU drivers’ hours rules.


Note: Medical and theory tests must be completed prior to attending training course.

Once you have received your provisional licence you can arrange an free Assessment Drive with us, which will last for about an hour. Completion of this assessment will enable us to determine how much tuition is required to take you to test standard.

Additional Information

LGV: if you passed your car test before the 1st January 1997 you do not have to complete the module 2 or the module 4 test.

If you have already passed a C1 driving test, you do not have to sit module 1, module 2 or the module 4 test.PCV: If you have already passed a D1 or automatic PCV licence, you do not have to sit module 1, module 2 or the module 4 test.